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A computer game that can read your mind.

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This is both annoying & fascinating. Damned thing's got me every time. HTH does it do that?:eek:

Click on the house & follow the instructions. Report back if it didn't guess your pick correctly. :rolleyes:


That's weird. I log on today & I can't see the house either. :confused:

The link:


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Click on the house & follow the instructions.
The house is the link. :)
Do you want me to tell you how it's done? I've got it figured out. :)
Do tell. It's been driving me NUTS! :D
I'll PM it to you so I won't spoil the fun for someone else. :)
Gotcha. THANKS! :)

I knew that all the time. :rolleyes: NOT! :D
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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