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Felix, I see your point..., but then I do think Pierre's post is appropriate for a Labrador forum because a Labrador is a 'central character' of his novel. (doG knows we have had a lot worse commercial posts here :eek: ;) )

I looked it up on Amazon and it's there and the cover 'blurb', "A cop with a violent past, a dog with a devastating secret. Both caught in a deadly web of medical intrigue." sounds interesting to me....

Pierre, perhaps you might also cross post your book announcement in our forum's Movie/Book Review section http://forum.justlabradors.com/forumdisplay.php?f=26

Having been endowed with none of my own, I have always been a admirer of those with creative talent of all kinds; art, photography, writing, etc., of which we have several members here that do have creative talents.
And I wish them all the best. :D
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