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A bit of a rant

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Okay-I thought that when the kids got older, it would get easier but so far that hasn't happened. My boys are 22 and 26. The youngest is going to college and lives at home. He has become a real pain in the butt--medical issues, dental issues and the college thing is just plan crazy. There are a lot of forms to fill out for the financial aid plus insurance coverage, etc. Sometimes I get so tired of it all. His older brother is disabled and is a pretty good young man-but my husband and I are having difficulties figuring out the next step for him. He lives at home currently but is ready to move out. He lived on his own with a roommate for about a year but that didn't work. We need to figure this out cuz we know that we aren't getting any younger.
There is alot of good things in my life but some walls that I keep hitting my head against and sometimes I just want to take my husband and run away. I would like to move to Maui and just have them visit but that will never happen. Guess I am just feeling sorry for myself.
Sorry this is so long but I do feel better now. It helps to get it out in the open.
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I'm sorry that you are going through this. I am in the same boat (in a way - kids the same age but no disabilities). I'm just tired of parenting. Just tired. I hear what you are saying. It won't last forever though. (at least it better not!) Remember whan you thought that they would never be potty trained? Eventually, things come together even when we can't figure out how. Hang in there.
life stuff is overwhelming sometimes, no advice...just (((HUGS))) Joann..BIG (((HUGS)))
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