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Andy, I really LIKE the diagnosis and treatment I get at KSU's CollVetMed Tchng Hospl -- BUT it's not always a slam dunk.

What you're going through with Baby reminds me of a different problem I had with Puff.

She kept getting a rash on her belly.

I took her to KSU's CVM TH and we saw an otherwise excellent vet -- she had her diplomate in veterinary internal medicine and had previously been very helpful.

3X she prescribed cephalexin -- which cleared up the rash -- BUT it quickly returned.

After the 3rd time, I asked to see KSU's dermatologist.

SHE spent some time inquiring about Puff's activities and thought that our early morning walks when the dew was on the tall grasses was probably instrumental in transferring pollen to Puff's belly and it was that causing the recurring irritation.

She Rx'ed using a medicated shampoo for the belly (AFTER another course of the cephalexin) and thoroughly drying her belly after each wetting

THAT worked wonderfully and I adapted some other things to do -- take Puff swimming after our morning walk to rinse off the pollen, and that also helped.

I describe this because -- while it's obviously NOT the same thing -- some key factor is obviously missing and needs to be brought into the equation.

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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