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March 10, 2004, 12:10pm

I will never forget the day, the time, the exact moment. She was my very first lab, and my heartdog. I still think of her every day and shed a tear for her often. I miss you still Magpie.

For Maggy, with all my love.

A Time Too Short

I remember it like yesterday, the day you came into my heart.
Small and furry looking more like a bear than a dog.
Without ever knowing it we had started on a journey of love.
You had hit the ground running and never looked back.

How quickly you wiggled your way from an “outside dog”,
To a “bed hog” in just a few short days.
We had never had an inside dog before that day,
We will never have an outside dog again.

Memories of the months you spent training to be the perfect duck dog,
Only to find that you hated the water.
Even so, you loved to go hunting, as long as you didn’t have to swim,
And you knew when I pulled out your cammo vest that we where going to have

I was disappointed, but you knew what you where doing.
Because you did not swim we brought Hunter home.
You now had a friend, a companion, a mate for life.
It was time for you to teach us once again.

Your first litter of pups where beautiful,
As where the three litters that followed.
You where the perfect mother, even when you had 15
And you taught me that not every person deserves to have a dog.

As I traveled for work you always stood sentinel for me,
Sitting on the hill above the house, staring out the road, awaiting my
Barb always knew when I was coming home, she would ask,
How long till you get here, Maggy is waiting to say hello.

Our dog family had grown, and we where now six,
But you had more to teach me still.
When you have six, what harm is there in a few more?
As we started to rescue you enjoyed meeting the many new dogs that came and

As more and more dogs came through, there was less time for boat rides,
Less time for long walks, and less time for the important things.
Still you would sit on the hill, hours of waiting just for a few minutes
with Dad.
You would jump up and do the big stretch, and I was always glad to see you
waiting for me

Then came the day, that dreadful, horrible day,
When I suddenly realized you where not immortal.
The vet said we can save her, I held out hope.
But it was not to be, and my soul will never be the same.

We spent a lifetime together, but it was only eight short years.
But even in the end you still had a lesson for me,
Live life like there is no tomorrow, and enjoy the smallest details
For no matter how long you live, it is always a time too short

I know if there is a hill at the end of the Rainbow Bridge
You are sitting there now, waiting, watching, knowing that I will soon be
I trust that you will round up all the others and have them there when I
But for me, it will be an eternity until we meet again.

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The O&O thread about the societal acceptance for a man to cry in public makes me guilt-free in swiping my eyes over this.

Bless you, Joe. And your Mags.
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