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I don’t frequent social media sites but for once in my life I have run into an issue I cannot tackle alone. Who better to turn to than fellow lab owners. This post may come across as a fast note but I will take the time to study the site over the next few days.

as of Monday we found our dog limping with a lump on her front left wrist. After biopsy it isOsteosarcomas. Probably common here but for me it is devastating and soul destroying. We meet with a surgeon Friday for a leg amputation consult and follow up chemo. I am open to hear any feedback or experiences others have had with this illness. Seems our options are euthanasia or amputate w chemo for a few more months.

thank you ahead of time for any feedback you can share. Also if you are going through the same thing and need support I’d like to help if I can.
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