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4 Reasons Pets Shouldn't Fly

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I'm curious about the Pet Airline!

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This is BS.

Literally. Pets die on planes, particularly when they’re in the cargo hold. According to the Web site ThirdAmendment.com, a total of 109 animals have perished since 2005, most of them dogs. Airlines must report deaths, injuries and losses to the Transportation Department, but the numbers are thought to be artificially low, since animals that aren’t kept as pets or carried on an all-cargo or unscheduled flight aren’t counted.

The dogs that died had pre-existing conditions. The last time I checked.

This line makes it look like the airline was negligent.......that is not the case.

I have flown my dogs many times across the country, while it can get expensive, and stressful for me, it has always been fine for me. I have found most airline people to be helpful and several to be much more to make the trip safe for my dogs.
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