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I got my grades for this semester in yesterday's mail. I really struggled with one of the courses in my PhD program - most people in the class did. We just didn't get the connection to the material and what we are working towards. Plus, one of the professors was very difficult to read. When I can say that I actially enjoyed going to my Advanced Multivariate Statistics class more than the Scientific Dimensions of Human Development....wel,, that's just sick. :p The good news? I got As in both courses. SO, I finished my first year in my PhD program with a 4.0. ;D 1 year of class work down and 2 to go - then my dissertation.

Now for the exhaustion part - My a** is whipped! We've been going 100 miles an hour with work and around the house. Friday was the day before our college's commencement so I had to oversee all the prep. Friday evening we took our commencement speaker out to dinner - got home at 11PM. Up at 4:30 on Saturday and into work before 8 - spent the whole ceremony moving around checking on sequencing, keeping things moving, etc. Done at 4 PM and then home to change. Immediately went out to a fund raiser at our church. Was on my feet the whole night selling raffle tickets, running prizes to people, etc. Done at 10 PM, stayed to clean up. Finished cleaning at 11:30PM - stayed to help drain the second keg. ;) Home at 12:30AM. Up at 5:20 with the dogs, outside to work on the landscaping. Finished digging out the planting beds around the house....and called it quits for the day.

Both Lynn and I are beat. We decided to just veg tonight. And we both need it!!
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