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My big ole boy is 12 this St Patty's day, boy where has the time gone?

Jasper you are a sweetheart, you joined us in the spring of '98 aged just 12 months, your previous owner beat you harshly with a broom because you did what puppies do and pee'd, but his loss was our gain and you have been and continue to be our beautiful, intelligent, big black boy.

These past 2 years haven't been easy on you, along with ageing gracefully you have had to cope with the loss of your life time companion and best friend Jonah and then of course take on your annoying new siblings Jed and Jasmine.

You are an excellent role model to those silly puppies and put them in their place when they step out of line.

You are the leader of the pack, the top dog, the bestest boy in the whole world and we love you with all our hearts.

Have a wonderful 12 birthday my boy, and many more to come~:)

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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