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Irresistible Reasons for Getting a Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever ranks as the number one top dog breed in the American Kennel Club list of most popular dog breeds. Aside from being an excellent addition to the family, a Labrador Retriever is one of the best choices for a service dog. It can be trained to be a guide dog for the blind or visually impaired and a service dog for those who are wheelchair bound. A Labrador retriever’s keen sense of smell makes them an excellent detector of drugs, bombs, and other illegal contraband. Their keen nose makes them indispensible when searching for missing persons and recovering bodies. Labrador retrievers are highly intelligent. They can easily be trained and their tenacity and willingness to work even in the harshest of conditions will certainly make them an essential part in many retrieval operations.

The Labrador is also the most popular hunting companion among all retriever breeds. The instinct to have something in their mouth is deeply ingrained but they are known to have the “gentlest mouths” around. They are very gentle with objects that it’s been said they can hold an egg in their mouth without breaking it.

Labrador retrievers are also outstanding show dogs. Whether you want to show them for conformation or compete them in obedience or field trials, Labs are always popular.

Young and old alike will really love the company of this friendly and playful bundle of joy. Labs will always thirst to play a game of “fetch” and will never tire you with their antics. The breed’s outgoing personality makes them a great playmate to kids of all ages and a patient companion for the elderly. In fact, Labs make excellent therapy dogs. Hospitals and nursing homes come alive when a smiling and eager to please Lab makes the round of the patients.

The Labrador retriever has been described as an excellent sporting breed, service dog, and an ideal family pet. When you are looking for the best dog breed to bring home, pick out a Lab. They’re such happy-go-lucky breed of dogs and their zest for life and play is highly contagious. They love to be with other members of the pack and there will never be a dull time when you have a Lab in the family.

Labs are best loved for their happy disposition. Think about what you would feel when you come home and be met by the most enthusiastic homecoming courtesy of your Labrador retriever? A Lab’s temperament is unsurpassed. This is the reason why they are so good with kids. They are very patient with kids and endure the pulling, pushing and rough play with extreme tolerance.

It’s hard not to fall head over heels with this smiling canine with a sunny personality. Although they can grow up to be 80 pounds or even more, they are such affectionate and gentle creatures. Labrador retrievers are most happy when they are with people. Even when at work or at play, Labs love company.

In return for a Lab’s undying devotion and unconditional loyalty, he needs someone who can spend quality time with him and is responsible enough to acknowledge that a Lab needs regular exercise and training. A Lab yearns for companionship thus he hates being left alone for long hours each day. A bored Lab becomes a bag of tricks—often made up of undesirable and negative behavior.

Versatility is the Lab’s middle name. Its intelligence has made it one of the easiest dogs to train. Aside from being a wonderful pet, Labs have been in the forefront of canine breeds used as hunting dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and police work.

Although a Lab loves the outdoors, it can still live happily inside apartments provided that they are given sufficient time to go outside and play. They are smart dogs that need lots of mental and physical stimulation. A Lab comes with a lot of common sense but they need to be trained to behave and follow commands.

Sharing your life with a Lab is like having a loyal companion for life. Are you sure a Lab can fit in well into your lifestyle? Can you give the proper care and attention that can make your canine friend happy and satisfied?

Photo of Taos and Makayla provided by Just Labradors Forum member Mylabbypie