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Top 10 Best Names for Male Labrador Retrievers

What many people love about the Labrador Retriever breed is the fact that they are some of the friendliest and gentlest dogs in the world. If you are thinking about getting a Labrador puppy, you should start thinking about what you will name him.

For help thinking of the perfect name, consider one of the top ten names for male Labradors listed below:

  1. Finn – The name Finn brings to mind a fish or another aquatic creature. Labrador Retrievers are excellent swimmers and they use their thick tails as a rudder, almost in the same way that a fish uses his fins to steer!
  2. Cooper – The name Cooper is an old English name and it has a bit of a traditional feel to it. If you have a Labrador puppy who seems to have an old soul, a traditional name like Cooper could be a good fit.
  3. Diesel – Labrador Retrievers are known for being incredibly energetic and more than a little mischievous. You may at times wonder if your dog runs in Diesel fuel!
  4. Bailey – This name brings to mind the delicious Irish liqueur which has a rich, creamy color. Bailey could be a perfect name for a cream-colored Labrador Retriever with an intoxicating personality.
  5. Max – If you are looking for a name that is short and sweet, Max is a great option to consider. If you want something a little more formal you can go with Maximillian or Maximus, but call you Lab Max for short.
  6. Buddy – The Labrador Retriever is consistently ranked the most popular dog breed in America, largely due to its friendly personality. As you will discover when you bring your own Lab puppy home, these dogs are eager to make friends with everyone so a name like Buddy fits!
  7. Rocky – The name Rocky brings to mind the great boxer, Rocky Balboa. Although Rocky had to work hard, he eventually came out on top – your Lab will exhibit the same tenacity and the same unwillingness to let go, especially when it comes to playing tug of war with his favorite toy!
  8. Jake – This name is a shortened form of Jacob and it a name that means benevolent or inventive. Labrador Retrievers are definitely benevolent in giving their love and they can also be inventive in coming up with new ways to escape the yard.
  9. Toby – The name Toby is short for Tobias which means “precious”. With a loving personality and a friendly demeanor, the Labrador is nothing if not precious.
  10. Cocoa – If you have a chocolate lab, the name Cocoa could be a perfect fit – especially if your puppy has a sweet and sugary personality!

No matter what you name your Labrador Retriever puppy, he is going to quickly become your very best friend. Take the time to get to know your puppy before you pick a name so you can be sure it will be a good fit. If you need help thinking of ideas, you can always consider the top ten male Labrador Retriever names listed above.

Photo credit: Chalabala/Bigstock