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Selecting the Best Labrador Retriever Puppy

The decision to get a new addition to the pack can certainly become one of the most exciting events in the family. Once you have made up your mind to get a Lab, you have just triggered a cascade of events and tasks which are often easily said than done. It is not simply going to the breeder and picking the cutest puppy from the litter and bringing it home.

The decision to bring home a new addition to the family demands responsibility. There are many snares that can deceive you when you are out looking for the best Labrador puppy. When you go to the breeder, you need to spend adequate time to properly observe all the puppies in the litter. Most often, buyers will be attracted to the first pup that will come rushing forward towards them eager for their attention. However, the most passive and mild-mannered puppy in the bunch has the greatest probability of becoming a more obedient and enjoyable pet.

However, never mistake an apprehensive or withdrawn puppy as the most mild-mannered puppy in the litter. These are negative dispositions which can often be carried until he grows up. It is an anti-social behavior which can cause your pet to become aggressive or scared especially with strangers or around unfamiliar surroundings.

Doing your homework is the most basic step whether you are buying a puppy or a house. Aside from asking Lab owners, the internet is a rich source of information about Labs. You should know that your decision to get a dog is something that will affect the rest of your life. Books in the library and bookstores can also open your eyes to the significance of your latest undertaking. You are responsible for the life of your dog, and as such you should know about its health concerns, proper nutrition, grooming and other needs.

The law of supply and demand also affects the puppy trade. Among the different seasons of the year, it is during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter when the demands are soaring. When you chose to get your puppy at this time, expect more competition, limited choices, and higher prices.

The breeder is also a good source of information about the management of a Lab pup. However, you need to know what questions to ask and you should be able to determine their validity. This is one aspect when a thoroughly done homework can help.

One of the advantages in getting a Labrador Retriever puppy is the chance to create and strengthen the bond between you and your pet. The time that you spent with your Lab and how you take care of his needs will certainly go a long way to endear you two to each other for life.

If possible, never buy your new Lab puppy from pet stores because a big percentage of pet stores acquire their puppies from puppy mills. They may be cheaper compared to getting one from a reputable breeder, but they can be carrying certain diseases and parasites or even genetic abnormalities that may manifest in adulthood. Pets from puppy mills have also been observed to carry undesirable habits that can balloon to greater problems later on in their life.

Photo of Vinny by Just Labradors Forum Member Lovemyboys