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Keeping Your Labrador Retriever Healthy

It is easy to spoil your dog with lots of tasty treats on a daily basis. But what do you do when this sweet gesture begins to become a health issue? Many dog owners fall into this trap and think if they stop giving their dog treats the dog will have hurt feelings. The important topic to focus on is your dog’s health. Labrador Retrievers are loving, kind, sweet and an excellent companion and family pet. Keeping your Labrador Retriever healthy involves a variety of steps that will make your dog feel happy and healthy.

  • Provide a Healthy Diet – Discuss your Lab’s health with the veterinarian and ask for diet and food suggestions that will help your Lab live a long healthy life. There is a variety of food and dog diets that you can choose from until you find the specific one that is best suited for your dog. Age, weight and health play a large role in the type of diet your dog should follow. Also, your Lab doesn’t have to be deprived from treats. There are healthy treats such as carrots and much more that your dog will enjoy.
  • Medical Care – Always keep the veterinarian appointments for your dog. This will help locate and diagnose any health ailments in the beginning stages and may add years to your dog’s life.
  • Home and Safety – As a responsible dog owner you will want to provide your dog with a safe home environment. This means your dog will not have direct access to hazardous materials, toxic food and plants or long term exposure to extreme weather conditions.
  • Exercise – Your Labrador Retriever needs to have daily exercise. This is also a great way to bond with your dog. Bring your dog along for bike rides, walks, hiking, swimming and to meet new friends at the dog park. Providing daily exercise is essential to your Lab’s health and overall well being.
  • Keep Vaccinations Current – Vaccinations for your Lab will help prevent a variety of illnesses, some diseases can be deadly. Keeping your Lab’s vaccinations up-to-date will help your dog live a healthier life.
  • Obedience Training – Dog owners should begin training your Labrador Retriever from the moment he or she arrives home for the first time. Your dog needs to learn the rules of the house, in addition to obeying your commands. Training your dog to sit, stay and come will help you and your dog live a happy and smooth existence together. These commands can also save his or her life. For example if your Lab is running towards a busy street because he or she broke free from the leash, you can use one of those commands to stop your dog in their tracks.

Keeping your Labrador Retriever healthy throughout his or her lifetime is on the top of the priority list for dog owners. It is easier than ever with careful attention and planning. Remember to have good communication with the veterinarian. Address any health issue or unusual symptoms that may arise, provide a healthy and safe environment for your dog and you will soon notice that your Labrador Retriever is enjoying life everyday as a healthy dog!

Photo credit: smerikal/Flickr