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Summer Fun for Labrador Retrievers

It’s that time of year again. The snow is melting away, the flowers are blooming and Summer is right around the corner. Your adorable Labrador Retriever may have been cooped up inside the house almost all winter, but it is time for him or her and the entire family to go outdoors and have some summer fun! There are a variety of outdoor activities your Labrador Retriever will enjoy doing all summer long.

  • Swimming – Labrador Retrievers have webbed feet for a reason, they are natural swimmers. Most Lab’s enjoy swimming, running, jumping and splashing around in the water. Bring your Labrador Retriever along on your summer adventures to the lake, pool, beach and fishing excursions. If you are not able to reach these destinations this summer, purchase a kiddie pool and fill it with water, place it in your back yard and watch your Lab go wild with the water. If this is not an option, turn your sprinkler system on and allow your dog to run around in the water. This is also a great summer activity that the entire family can enjoy doing.
  • Hiking – Invite your Lab along for your next hike. He or she will enjoy exploring nature by your side. Allow your Lab to roam around and discover new things about nature. Always keep a close eye on your dog to assure he or she does not get into a dangerous situation with wild animals or consume toxic plants. Remember to keep fresh water in your hiking pack for your dog to enjoy throughout the adventure.
  • Agility Courses – Now that the cold weather is gone, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and set up an agility course for your Lab in the back yard. You can do this with objects you may have already have or purchase agility course items and create the ultimate obstacle course.
  • Camping – Summer time is a great opportunity to take your dog camping. Pack up your camping equipment and bring your dog with you on an exciting trip. Many parks allow dog owners to bring their pooches to the campsite. You may have to keep your dog on a leash, but it won’t deter from the fun and excitement of camping. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, playing games and bonding time with your dog all in the same trip!

These popular summer activities are fun for the entire family. Labrador Retrievers love belonging to a family. By participating in these fun summer activities for Labrador Retrievers, you will make the occasion special and form a strong bond with your dog.

Always take precaution during the hot summer months when it comes to heat. If it is too hot for you to be outdoors than this applies to your Lab as well. Allow your dog to cool off indoors and find creative ways to entertain your dog indoors. Many pet parents enjoy making homemade frozen dog treats that make their pooch happy and keeps him or her hydrated during the summer months.

Photo credit: Daniel Easton/Flickr