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Indoor Games to Keep Your Lab Busy on Rainy Days

The Labrador Retriever is an active, energetic breed with high needs for exercise. In some cases, a long daily walk isn’t enough to work of a Lab’s energy. In cases like this, or when the weather prevents you from taking your dog on a walk, you’ll need to get creative with indoor exercise. Keep reading to learn about some fun indoor games you can try to keep your Lab busy on rainy days indoors.

  1. Hide and Seek – To test your Lab’s nose, play a game of hide and seek. Ask your dog to sit and stay then go into another room and hide. Once hidden, call your dog’s name and wait for him to find you. You can also play this game with one of your dog’s favorite toys, leaving a trail of treats for him to follow.
  2. Tug of War – Labrador Retrievers love to fetch and you can turn it into a game by using a rope toy. Choose a rope toy that has knots at both ends, one for you and one for your dog, then see who can wrestle it out of the other’s hands first.
  3. Obstacle Course – Labs are great for agility and they often excel at this dog sport. You can make your own agility course at home by building obstacles out of chairs, boxes, seat cushions, and whatever else you have on hand.
  4. Learn a Trick – Training your Lab to do a new trick is always fun and it can be a great indoor activity for a rainy day. If you want to work in a little exercise, try training your dog to jump over a broomstick or to hop through a hoop.
  5. Fetch – Some Labs can play fetch all day long and you don’t necessarily have to play outside. All you really need is an open hallway and your dog’s favorite toy – just throw the toy and wait for him to chase it down and bring it back. This is also a great time to work on your dog’s recall.
  6. Pick a Cup – Labrador Retrievers are very smart and they need just as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation. To test your dog’s intelligence, place a treat under one of three cups then rearrange them and ask your dog to find it.

In addition to these games, try giving your Labrador an interactive toy if you need to keep him busy for an hour or so. Interactive toys provide mental stimulation as well as exercise and your dog will love all of the extra treats. Just be sure to choose a durable toy that will stand up to some chewing and rough handling. You should also be careful about how many treats you give your dog – you might consider using your dog’s kibble instead of treats, especially if you are playing close to meal time.

Every dog is unique so your Labrador Retriever might like some of the games listed above better than others. The goal is to keep him actively engaged in order to provide both mental and physical stimulation. Playing with your dog in addition to giving him a daily walk is also a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Photo credit: dezy/Shutterstock