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Characteristics and Temperament of Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are truly man’s best friend. They are loyal, friendly and considered a great family pet. Their playful attitude carries over well into adulthood. So, dog owners should be prepared to experience puppy-like behavior for a long period of time. There are a variety of characteristic traits that explains the sweet nature of the Labrador Retriever. If you already own a Lab this information will help you get to know your pup better. If you are planning on bringing a Lab into your life soon, these characteristic details will prepare you for what is to come when welcoming this bundle of joy into your life.


If you are looking for a watch dog, the Labrador Retriever is not a good choice. This breed is so sweet and friendly to all he or she comes in contact with. They get along with children, adults, other pets and everyone and everything in between. You will find that they are happy to see you as soon as you enter the door and this excitement stays with them all day long.


Labs are always ready to participate in fun activities such as swimming, hiking, running and playing games. They are an excellent addition for a family that enjoys playing sports and games outdoors. The Lab can keep up with any energy level and enjoy every moment. Whether you are a family filled with energy or a single person looking for a running partner, the Lab is a great choice for you!

Good with Children

Labrador Retrievers are excellent with children due to their patience and gentle nature. Children of all ages will enjoy playing with a Lab by involving them in games and even dress-up. As a dog owner you will be surprised that a Lab will keep your children entertained all day as well as enjoy taking a nap alongside of them. They are a true play companion that is capable of tolerating all that children have to offer.

Intelligent and Easy to Train

Labs are intelligent and have a strong desire to make their owner happy. They are easy to train because they are willing to do anything in exchange for a tasty treat or affection from their owner. Obedience training is a breeze with this breed. Training should begin from the moment you arrive home with your pup. The quicker they learn the rules of the house the more you can teach them as time goes forward. They are also great at agility training courses. Agility training is perfect for Labs since it quenches their thirst to please their owner in addition to providing plenty of exercise.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for families. Their sweet, gentle disposition is desired by dog owners worldwide. Pet owners will enjoy welcoming this breed into their lives since they have the ability to become friendly with every member and pet in the household. Remember when welcoming this breed into your home that they will exude happy-go-lucky behavior for many years into adulthood.

Photo credit: G MacRae/Flickr