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10 Fun Facts about Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are one of the dog breeds that are in demand for families, couples and singles. They are adorable, sweet and kind, quickly finding a place in the hearts of dog owners worldwide. Whether you are a pet parent to a Labrador Retriever or you just find the breed intriguing, you will enjoy learning the top 10 fun facts about Labrador Retrievers.

  1. High Tolerance to Pain – Labrador Retrievers have a high tolerance to pain when compared to other dog breeds. Often times, Lab’s are chosen to do rescue work, police work, military work and as hunting assistants and companions.
  2. Labradors Originated in Canada – Labrador Retrievers are from an Island located in the Atlantic Ocean off the east of Canada.
  3. They are Double Coated – Labrador Retrievers have beautiful water-resistant double coats that shed seasonally.
  4. They Can Produce Large Litters – Female Labrador Retrievers can give birth to up to eight puppies per litter.
  5. They Enjoy Holding things in their Mouth – Labrador Retrievers enjoy holding objects such as toys in their mouth. They are so gentle that they have the capability to hold an egg in their mouth without causing it to break.
  6. They have a Variety of Color Coats – Generally Labrador Retrievers have a coat color that is black, chocolate or golden. But there are two other colors that are not recognized by kennel associations. These colors are charcoal and silver.
  7. They are Gentle and Kind – Labrador Retrievers are gentle to other animals, children, adults and strangers. This fact makes them an excellent choice as a family pet.
  8. They were Bred to Work – Labrador Retrievers were originally bred to assist Canadian fisherman with pulling boats and hunting. Today, they are best known as family pets.
  9. They have Webbed Toes – Labrador Retrievers are the only dog breed that has webbed toes. The combination of webbed toes and a otter-like tail makes the Lab a powerful swimmer with a keen ability to change direction in the water.
  10. They Don't Make A Break For It – Labrador Retrievers are extremely loyal to their owner. Once they feel like they are part of your family, they do not try to escape by jumping fences or digging holes.

Labrador Retrievers are hard working, loyal, kind, caring, sweet and gentle dogs that enjoy being part of a family as well as working. Due to their keen athletic ability and natural abilities the breed is in high demand worldwide. While many police and military organizations seek out Labrador Retrievers to participate in work side by side next to soldiers and officers, they are also one of the top choices for therapy work. These sweet dogs work well as guide dogs as well as therapy dogs in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. They are also a top choice for families and dog owners that are looking for a companion to join their life. Labrador Retrievers are one of the easiest breeds to train and often enjoy pleasing their owner and family. These fun facts are interesting and may have persuaded you to welcome a Labrador Retriever into your family and home.

Photo credit: Chris Brewer/Flickr