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    Hello everyone, its been awhile since i posted. I have a question about my 7 mounth old Forrest. He seems to be the most stubborn dog, lol. He will go by the door as if he wants to go potty but i let him out he goes and lays down. At first i thought he was getting the hang of letting me know when he has to go, but now its seems he has caught onto the game. Then when i put them in there crates after letting them go in the back yard, it seems he cant hold it and has pooped in his crate three times this week . I work from 8 to 5 but i have a room mate that lets them out around 3. Is this just a stage or a problem with my training. I would guess its the latter. Any tips are greatly appreciated. On a side note What do you use on your dogs for ticks. It seems i find them every other day, somethimes on me!!!!! SICKening! I live in South florida so no deer ticks
    Thank you, I am trying to learn how to post pics but it keeps telling me the pics are too large

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    DefaultRe: Question about male labs

    Hi there! It sounds like he just wants to go outside. Are you getting him out for lots of play every day? Perhaps he has figured out that once he goes, he has to come back in. As for pooping in the crate, is he on a regular meal schedule or do you free feed (leave food out all day for them to eat whenever they wish)? If you are free feeding, it makes potty training more difficult because if they aren't on an eating schedule, they don't get on a bathroom schedule. Once on a schedule, they will "go" pretty much like clockwork around the same time every day when you get them out.

    I could never free feed my lab, he'd eat until explodes! :whatever:

    <br /><br />Grand River Run Genaration &quot;Miles&quot;&nbsp; CGC RN, RL1, RL2, RA, CW-SR, C-OB1, RL1X, RL3, RE

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    DefaultRe: Question about male labs

    Ditto the above - get him on a feeding schedule if he is not. Also - leash him up and take him out and just stand there with him until he goes. Once he is on a schedule for pooping he will be pretty easy to manage. A 7 month old dog should not have this kind of issue.

    Make sure that you have cleaned up the crate with a cleaner like Natures Miracle - regular cleaners do not completely eliminate the odor and dogs use odors as a clue for an appropriate place to eliminate.

    On the ticks - where you live you probably want to use a product like Frontline which is topically applied and will kill ticks for a month. I don't use it as we don't have a huge tick problem in NJ and I prefer not to - - but if I were in Florida, I probaly would. I am surprised your vet has not recommended it.

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    DefaultRe: Question about male labs

    Be sure, too, to employ a potty word that will help him know what it is you want him to do while you're out there.....

    Usable, too, to praise the successes like the Second Coming.


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