Pup eating deer poop
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Thread: Pup eating deer poop

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    DefaultPup eating deer poop

    We have a 5+ month old yellow lab. She likes to eat. We live in Maine, and our home is surrounded by woods - and obviously wild animals. We've caught her eating a wide array of crap over the last few months.....poop, sticks, she's had dead mice in her mouth, and now deer poop. She sometimes brings it to our deck to chew/eat it. Now, it's not like we let her out unsupervised. Most of the time, she goes out into the woods, does her duty, and then comes inside...but every now and then, she'll bring back a treat

    So what do we do??? How can we stop this? What's going on? It's disgusting!!!! and I'm sure it's not good for her -- :no:

    Any ideas?

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    DefaultRe: Pup eating deer poop

    Other than being vigilant, which it sounds like you are, not much as far as I know.

    Or dog loves to munch cat poop to the point where we had to buy the cat one of those igloo litter boxes to keep Rupert out of it. He's also a sucker for horse shit, goose shite, etc.

    If we are out walking him, we give him the DROP IT! command. If that doesn't work, we redirect with a treat, or if need be open his mouth and shake it out.

    We live near a lot of state parks in the Boston suburbs where we like to hike. He eats sticks and leave and pine needles, and there's not much I can do to stop him, especially off leash. He tends to puke it up later anyway.

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    DefaultRe: Pup eating deer poop

    Ah, yes, forrest cavier...good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Pup eating deer poop

    The only thing that works for Bogey is "leave it" but, you have to be there when said poop is being eaten :vomit: . Other than that not much you can do. Sorry. No kisses for you, huh?

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    DefaultRe: Pup eating deer poop

    Sophie eats rabbit poo...we live in the 'burbs if Indianapolis and the rabbits want their land back Anyway, it's literally all over the yard....

    She also eats leaves, wood (I told the vet she'll eat through the wood pile before long) although, she's not eating it quite as much as she was...she'll be 4 months old next week....

    She's puked up some grass and wood a couple of times...freaked me out the first time she did it...in her crate at 3:30 am....I heard her since the crate is still in our bedroom...but she seemed fine...wanted to play, even...I've kept a good eye on her...

    Today walking back from taking the kids to the bus stop, she picked up something..I wasn't paying attention, thought it was a leaf (as usual) then I looked down cause she's still chewing..so I bent down, said drop it...she opened her mouth and out dropped a penny..I was like..Holy Crap! That would NOT have been good....


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