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    Does anyone have any recommendations for Dog Boots/shoes that will Stay On for my Lab who Works with Mentally ill/injured patients at our local Military Veterans hospital. They throw balls to her and it's unfortunately on a Tiled Floor so she is always slipping, when she runs. I'm of course afraid she'll get hurt, but it's been so good for these patients, I don't want to stop doing this. Any recommendations, QUICKLY, would be appreciated ! Thank you.

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    I use PawZ for Onyx when we go out in the snow and ice. The are Natural rubber dog boots. Onyx actually doesn't mind them at all, though she walks really funny with them on in the house but the minute we go outside she is fine. Anyways what I think is really nice about them is they the dog can still feel the ground since they are not super thick. However, I'm not sure how they would do for traction- they seem like they would work as long as the floor was not wet at all. They are disposible but they seem like each boot will last a while. They kind of look like a large balloon. $15 for 12 boots! Their website is


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