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    My friend has a gorgeous 19 week old yellow boy, Cooper. He eats so fast that he often vomits it straight back up-not every time but often enough to worry her. Any ideas how to slow him down. Thankfully it is not something I had to deal with when Bailey was a pup.

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    First - he really needs to be fed twice a day morning and evening. If he is only eating once a day, he may be so famished he is inhaling it.

    There are several solutions. Spread the kibble over a cookie sheet - it is harder to pick up (can't grab mouthfuls) and he will slow down. Get a bloat bowl (which has a raised area in the middle) this will also slow him down. Cheaper solution like the bloat bowl - put a good sized rock or a ball in the middle of the bow.

    I use a bloat bowl and split the feeding (morning and evening) into 2 parts. He eats half of his food and then comes up for air - then I give him the other half.

    And - if none of those things work - the dog can be fed from the hand - a little bit of kibble at a time - until he learns some self control.
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