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    So Abbey is about 18 months give or take, and we've been working hard on getting her to stop jumping on people, especially when they first walk in the door. Now that I like by myself with Abbey and not in my parents' house, it's a lot easier to control the people coming in, so they all know not to let her jump on them. With everyone working on it, we've made a lot of progress and now, for the most part, she'll refrain from jumping on you and will either sit and wag her tail like crazy by your feet or roll over and ask for a belly rub. Hey, it's better than her jumping!

    Anyways, she's definitely a licker. She licks EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. When she gets excited or even when she's not, she insists on licking everything. If I take her somewhere and she meets new people, she has to lick the person 203842 times. She's done it to my friends before and they've had to go wash their face/arms/etc.

    I'm not sure how to go about training her to stop licking, other than the obvious.. telling her "stop" and moving her away from the person she's licking. Any suggestions??

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    Licking everything and everybody is sometimes caused by a lack of minerals. There is a suplement that you can get that is basically dried seaweed/kelp and adding it to the dogs diet can often reduce the tendancy to lick people and things. It may take a month or so before you start seeing results.
    The other option is to spray people and things with that cayenne pepper spray before they get to Abby.
    The options are to make a punishment severe enough that it outweighs the benifits of this self rewarding action or give her a different action to do that gives her a better reward.



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