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    DefaultPuppies and Pool

    Can someone please give me advise on how I can get my 7 month old puppy into the pool so that I can teach him where to get out of the pool?

    He stands on the first step but will not venture any further. He loves to get things out of pools, such as leaves, so I am afraid of him falling in while we are not at home.


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    DefaultRe: Puppies and Pool

    You could carry him into the pool with you, right? Then show him how to swim to the ladder/steps.

    And - I think that it is foolish to leave your puppy outside unsupervised while you are away. The pool hazard is only one of many things that could happen to him while you are not there. Dogs get stolen (and are at times sold to labratories), dogs get poisoned, dogs can dig out of yards under fences and be injured while on the run. If you must leave him outdoors while you are away you should have a fenced run you can lock to keep him safe.

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    DefaultRe: Puppies and Pool

    My brother had a standard poodle that loved to swim and swam herself to exhaustion and drowned in the pool while he was at work. The pool got ripped out that night. A hard way to learn a lesson. don't leave your pup outside when you're not home
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