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    Hi All
    Its been awhile.  Brody(8 months) has been doing great with the exception of one thing and I was hoping I could get a little advice.  Any time my husband, kids, myself or friends go to pet Brody he start to try and gum your arm.  He isnt biting aggresively however he wants your arm in his mouth.  I firmly say no and ignore him but it doesm't seem to be working.  It does scare the girls and some of a friends so I really want to fix the problem.  Any advice?? Thanks
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    DefaultRe: Brody

    No is too general a direction. He doesn't understand what you're saying NO to...

    Better to use NO BITE. You can pinch his cheeks by squeezing them into his teeth on each side of his muzz. And as he opens up to let go, PRAISE it: Good no bite. Good dog.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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    The way we were tought to correct undesirable behavior, chewing in particular, was to redirect the dog to chew something else.

    If he started chewing on an arm or a shoe, we would tell him "NO BITE" then give him a toy and praise him for chewing on that. He learned what was and was not ok to chew on.

    You also might try letting out a loud 'pained' yip when he starts doing that, and walk away. He will realize he has done something that was wrong and hurt you and learn not to do that.


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