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    Defaultexpanding training to new areas

    Hi everyone. Ceaser is now in week 2 of basic obedience. The barkmonster made a brief appearance, but was quickly quieted this week. (He barked through the whole class last week :embarrass: ).

    We have been working on sit when we stop walking. He is almost 100% with sit in the house, around 90% in the yard, but totally ignores the command when on walks. I have read that dogs don't generalize, and I can understand that. Any tips on how to help make the transition?

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    DefaultRe: expanding training to new areas

    Help him.

    Whenever/where-ever you're walking and he's on-leash and in heel position, when you stop, get the sit. Even if you've got to get your hands down there and show him what you want. Pull up on leash/collar w/your left while (gently) pushing down on his rump w/the right.

    Caesar, SIT.

    Good sit!!

    Every. Time.

    The point is that the auto-sit is just that. Auto. So if you're in the park, in a shopping center, by the pool, at a neighbor's, on the sidewalk, or where-ever, that sit is a part of heeling.

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    DefaultRe: expanding training to new areas

    Dweck gave you good advice.

    It's true that dogs do not generalize well (unless you teach them something is to be generalized right from the beginning of teaching that).

    But if you taught him to sit 99% in the house and 90% in the yard -- how did you do that? Why don't you use that same method on your walks as well?
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