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    Some of you may remember Dakota? He's 7 weeks old. I have had him for a few days now and whole the first couple were an absolute NIGHTMARE we are starting to get the hang of things and we are doing REALLY well.

    Last night he slept in his crate no questions asked. He whimpered a couple times and that was it, he went to sleep and that was the last we heard of him. I was SO impressed. Through the day, after we take him to go pee he will come in and play for a few minutes and then go straight to his crate to have a nap all by himself. He very rarely barks. And when he does it's usually at the door because he has to poop or at his ball because it's rolling and getting him excited lol, but that's rare.

    One thing that he does that I do find troublesome is when he plays with us he grabs hold of my wrists or fingers with his teeth, REALLY hard. It's pretty tough to get him to let go. I've been screaming ow and ignoring him for aa couple mins but his progress in that area seems pretty slow. At first when he played he whined alot but he doesn't do that very often anymore. He has like 3 million toys already and that seems to help. He's alot more comfortable here now then he was at first.

    Oh and we finally have some pics! - Doesn't he look like a little bear cub? Luvs it! -

    All in all he's doing pretty good. Not too many accidents, and when there are, they are usually our fault.

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    DefaultRe: 7 Week old Puppy

    The biting could have been curbed alot if he had stayed with his littermates a couple of weeks longer but seeing as you have him now i always put my hand around alfies muzzle and said NO BITE and walked away. Another thing ive been told to do is pinch their ear :suspious:

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    DefaultRe: 7 Week old Puppy

    I have had to put my hand around his muzzle just to get it off my arm! He bites REALLY hard with thosed little razors. He has left several marks already. However when I do so he whimpers quite loud, does this hurt him? I'm not squeezing, at least no harder then needed to get his teether out of my arm. And do say "NO BITE" and usually replace it with a toy. But he just drops the toy and goes STRAIGHT for my hands, wrist, hair or sometimes snaps at my face. Is this just a phase? Will it eventually go away?


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