Sleepovers and Anxiety
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    DefaultSleepovers and Anxiety

    I have a 3 year old female lab who is driving me a little crazy. I live alone and most of the time sleep alone. I let my dog sleep on my bed since it is big and I don't even realize she is there most of the time. On these nights, she sleeps through the night and up until about 8AM. When my boyfriend stays the night, she seems to not mind sleeping on her dogbed on the floor. However, she is awake at about 4AM "checking" on us to see if we are awake which consists of coming into the room and staring at us. If we make any movement whatsoever, she gets very excited thinking it is time to get up. If I take her to my boyfriend's house to stay the night there, she doesn't sleep at all. Just paces around the house all night. When he dogsits for me while i am out of town, he says she doesn't do this. I know she doesn't like the break in routine and that it probably causes her some level of anxiety. I love my dog, but I also love my boyfriend and wish that we could sleep in the same room and actually get a good night sleep a few nights a week. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar experience and if there is anything I can do that would help. Any advice or insight is appreciated!

    Cag and Halle

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    DefaultRe: Sleepovers and Anxiety

    Sounds to me like a crate would benefit her. Since she is so anxious with change, a crate would be a constant either in your house or the BFs house.

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    DefaultRe: Sleepovers and Anxiety

    agree with BigBrownDog - a permanent crate at your boyfriend's house with a blankie from your house and a few toys will make her feel more at home. It'll be something familiar and gradually I would assume that she would settle when you stay there.

    Good luck - let us know how things go!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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