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    DefaultPuppy care help needed

    Hello. I need help caring for some lab puppies. I have a pug (about as different from a lab as you can get!) and know how to care for small dogs. I've never had large ones, though, and I'm not sure if some things are different for labs. It's been awhile since I cared for young puppies, and I've forgotten the answers:

    Puppies who roll/walk through/play in poop and need to be cleaned--can they be given an entire bath every day? What soap for baths?

    At what age can they start to be given kibble (soaked? with water? or formula?) and taken off bottles? If under six weeks, how many times a day should they be fed?

    They don't have their mothers around for heat, but I have microwave heating disks that I could use if I need to. Do I need to?

    Is it too early for frozen washclothes (for teething)? What toys would be good at that age? I have some plastic ones I think I'll bring. How do I sterilize them?

    Thanks so much.

    I haven't been told what breeds; I know there are some lab babies and possibly a pitbull mix.

    What questions did I forget to ask? Tell me what you think I forgot!

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    DefaultRe: Puppy care help needed

    IF you are talking about puppies under the age of 6wks (as in a newborn litter) I recommend posting in the conformation/showing section. Those who frequent that section have experience with newborn puppies and will be in a better position to help you (and they do not always look here).

    Best of luck with the puppies.

    Charlie (foster) and Rocky


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