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    Oscar, our almost 11mth. old pup, is doing well and we love him!! We get up during the week at 5:30am to take him for a walk/run and get ready for work. While it is completely understandable that he wants to continue that routine on the weekends, we sometimes like to sleep past 5:30am on Saturday or Sunday. Oscar sleeps in our room (on our bed - not by my choice!) and wakes us up with a whine right around 5:30 or 6am if we're lucky. He doesn't seem to need to rush out to relieve himself, I think that he just wakes up and is bored because he usually just wants to play or just get the day started.

    We really don't mind all of this too much but I'd be curious to know at what ages other dogs started to sleep a bit later. Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Early riser

    Do you always get up when he whines?

    I would play tough love and stick it out with a pair of earplugs. Every time you get up, you are reinforcing that his whining gets him what he wants. Ignore this behavior for the next few weekends and I bet he will stop.

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    DefaultRe: Early riser

    Yah, sure, the correct response WOULD be ignore the behavior and it will train the dog NOT to whine at 5:30AM for the walk because he is not getting a favorable response. That's easier said than done. We went through the same thing with Hudler. I am the walker, and a light sleeper, and can't do anything like earplugs etc. (no facemasks to block light, socks...). Hubby said ignore him...HA HA. :no:

    If you can hold out as long as possible, you'll eventually be able to delay getting up on the weekends. I think Hudler started getting less vocal about his walks around 3 or 4! Not good news, huh?

    If it's any consolation, it IS cooler in the AM during the summer, and no one said you can't go back to bed afterwards for a nap!


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