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    Cooper has been crated since we brought him home at 8 weeks. He goes in it easily but now that he is getting older he wants more freedom. I caught him this morning using his tongue to try to unlock the crate doors. It is only a matter of time until he figures it out. Does anyone have any suggestions? His crate has an opening in the front & the side.

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    Look into some childproofing gadgets. I know that there is a sort of plastic slide lock for cabinets which requires actual fingers to remove. That would probably work out well.

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    Our crate had a simple hook that dropped into place. It took only a couple of weeks for the dog to figure out how to bump the door and lift the hooks out of the loops. I notified the crate company and they said they had just changed the latches to a twist and clamp device. They sent me a new crate and I shipped the other one back to them. I was impressed. She never figured out that system.

    You could look at a store like REI and check there carabiners. Some just have a flap that closes, but some screw shut. I would think one or two of even the simplest ones should do the trick.

    Good luck with your Houdini!


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