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Thread: need help!!! tranning

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    Defaultneed help!!! tranning

    i have two 10 week old labs i have had them for 5 weeks now and every day is different with them they seem to have good days and bad. they seem to pee a lot just little one i try and grab them when i see it. some days it 3 times others its all day i do put them in a kennel at night and if i am gone. but i was reading some people say to put them in it all the time only take them out to play and pee? i had a lab before i got him at 3 months old and he was easy to train 3 weeks and he had it down. should i keep trying on the grounds they are only 10 weeks and it seems harder because there are two of them. what do i do?

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    DefaultRe: need help!!! tranning

    You got two Lab puppies at 4-5 weeks of age? did you rescue them?

    It is normal for 10 week old babies to have accidents. You are going to find it twice as hard, and probably twice as long, because you have two of them. Regardless, there is no easy way around it. If you have them loose in your house, you MUST be supervising them 100% of the time. Even if they are sleeping, do not take your eyes off of them. If you are watching them 100%, you can watch for the signs that they are about to pee or poop -- fidgety, sniffing in corners, assuming the squatting position, etc.

    If you cannot watch them, even for a split second, then they should be crated. Also, the more you take them out the less opportunity they have to do their business in the house. Take them out after they have been crated for any length of time, after they have eaten and after they have engaged in any physical activity.

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    DefaultRe: need help!!! tranning

    My 7 month old puppy had an accident the other day. It happens. I've always said that if the dog has an accident in the house it was our fault and not the dog's fault.

    Take the out often. Give them a command word "go potty."

    You've got to watch them as much as possible. I prefer to confine them in one room in addition to the crate.


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