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    Defaultelbow calluses

    Does anyone know if it is possible for the hair to grow back on the elbows. I have 2 labbies, Mayce, I've had from a puppy and Kayce is a "rescue". Mayce has no calluses at all but Kayce does. They seem to have gotten a little better since I've had her. The hardest thing she lays on now is the leather couch, ha ha! So is there anything I can use to help that along? Any thoughts?

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    DefaultRe: elbow calluses

    It's from lying on hard surfaces such as concrete. Hair will not grow back.
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    DefaultRe: elbow calluses

    Actually, it's not true that it's from lying on hard surfaces like concrete. My pups are already wearing out the fur on their elbows and the hardest thing they consistently lie on is the carpet or in their crates. It is one of those things that just happens. Depends on the dog, the coat, the way they lie on the floor. Jack's are worse than Jed's because Jack throws himself down. Grace doesn't have them. Maddy kind of does. Hudler has them bad.

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    DefaultRe: elbow calluses

    Oona's elbows used to be really bad. We have hardwood floors. Now she has a dogs nest and several rugs in different rooms to lay on. The fur has grown back but it took awhile.


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