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    DefaultCrate Time Issue

    So here is my dilemma. My company offfers flex-time scheduling in the summer. You can compress your time into 4, 10-hour days, and take Friday off.

    Being a new employee and not having vacation time built up, this was an attractive idea to me. There's a few pros and cons to it, but here's the lab related one I need advice with.

    Right now, Rupert is crated at home during the day. My wife and I stagger our schedule to the extent possible to cut down on crate time but it's still most of the day.

    If I go to 10-hour days, he'll be in the crate an additional hour and a half per day. But, he won't be crated at all Fridays and I'll have time to spend with him.

    What would you recommend? The extra time would make for a very long day in there along with no bathroom breaks, but another whole day of the week with no crating at all and someone home for him.

    I might say the 5 shorter days because as long as we take him out morning and night, he sleeps most of the day. The other way would be minimal morning exercise and a long day crated up.


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    DefaultRe: Crate Time Issue

    how old is he and how long is the longest he'd be left?

    honestly if I had that choice at work I wouldn't be able to take it as hubs gets caught at work occasionally and the dogs would end up with at least 10.5 days a couple of times a week..

    (their usual day is 6-8 hours and until everybody was over 1 they had a dog walker mid day)

    I have left my adult dogs for a 10-11 hour day - maybe twice a year - if I know ahead of time I plan for them to get a break at least once - they survive but I don't think it's healthy

    just mho

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