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    Riley will be 3 months old on Monday. We just can't get this potty training thing down. She can be outside for an hour & come inside and pee. There are some days that she runs for the door, and when we open it for her she will run into the grass and go potty. We get all excited and then the next day she will pee in the house. She used to go in one location so we put down pee pads so she would go on them and not on the floor. However, now she will go anywhere. She even peed on the couch last night. We take her out as much as we can, and even leave the door open for her so she can come and go. Sometimes she will use the door and sometimes she wont. Any suggestions would be great.

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    Have you been deodorizing the spots peed on with either "Nature's Miracle" OR 3% hydrogen peroxide?

    If not, please do.

    Puppy urine leaves a signal "this is a great spot to pee near here again"

    You MUST elimnate those cues.

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    maybe this article might help you:

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford

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    First of all, patience. Your first sentence stated that Riley will be 3 months old. Sometimes it can take puppies up to a year to become fully reliable and potty trained. I want to say for Nallah it was around 6 months. Every dog is different.

    Second, be persistant. Use the same routine EACH time. Dogs thrive on a routine and if you make a routine out of potty time she will start to remember and catch on. I used certain words and sentences when potty training Nallah and it worked like a charm. When we go out (which, if possible is every hour OR after they do any of the following: eat, sleep, play, drink). I would say "Lets go OUTSIDE and GO POTTY". Once we get outside, "Go POTTY". Keep moving, walk around the yard , keep her on a leash if you need to keep her attention and keep her moving. If she goes, throw a HUGE party! Tell her what a good girl she is and give her a SPECIAL treat. If she doesn't go, no big deal, go inside and try again in a few minutes.

    If you CATCH her going in the house, don't get mad, just lead her outside and show her where the appropriate place to go is. Also, make sure you are cleaning the areas up in your house with an enzymatic cleaner.

    Good Luck.....I hope this helps.
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    Yeah i would try letting/taking her out at set times. It worked for Scooby, but it took a little over 6 months to get potty trained.

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    Consistency will be your key to success.

    When you take your puppy to the toilet outside try and stick to these few rules.

    1. Take her out on her leash so she can establish the difference between play time and potty time
    2. Don't interact with her or engage her attention. Stand still, fold your arms and avert your eyes. Puppy will learn that leash and no interaction means do your business!
    3. Take her out at set times. Set an alarm every 30 mins, if she only goes every second time increase the time difference to 45 mins. If you do NOT take her out at set intervals it will take her longer to figure it out
    4. Take her out straight after she wakes, eats and plays.
    5. Remember she's a baby so you need to really encourage when she does the right thing and ignore when she slips up. Do a huge amazing awesome song and dance when she goes outside. Make it the BEST THING EVER... give her a yummy treat!! Whoop and yay and give her lots of pats and kisses. Puppy will associate going outside on grass with fun happy humans. When she goes inside, ignore and take her out and avert eyes. Clean accident spot with odour neutralising product.
    6. Once your puppy starts to 'get it' introduce a key word for eliminating outside. We use "wee's" for Milly. Now if she is hovering near you and you ask "want wee's Milly?" and she goes to the back door we know she needs to go to the toilet.

    Above all be patient, consistent and persistant. Do not go angry at her when she eliminates inside, just be very positive and happy when she goes outside. She will catch on if you follow steps similar to what I have provided you here.

    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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