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    DefaultNail clipping

    A couple of questions........

    1. We have always made sure we got Dexter used to having is mouth, ears and paws touched. However, we are having major problems trying to clip his nails. He hates it! He will not stay still long enough and trys to bite (albeit softly) our hands/wrists. We have shown him the clippers and he doesn't seem to mind them but he does not like us going near his nails. It is very frustrating because we don't want to have to pay the vet to do it. :no:

    Does anybody have any good hints/tips on what we could do?

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    DefaultRe: Nail clipping

    I use a dremel make for dog nails.
    turn it on, treat.
    turn on again, treat.

    Session is over.

    Next, touch dremel to nail. treat

    session over

    dremel on, touch nail, treat

    dremel on, file one nail, treat.


    perhaps you can try something like this with the clippers.

    good luck.
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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    DefaultRe: Nail clipping

    I use regular clippers, but the dogs have been trained to lay down and roll over between my legs while I am sitting on the floor, their head in my lap. From this angle, we can see teeth, ears, eyes, and feet very easily. You can start out by making it fun and rubbing their belly, and then eventually work up to nail clipping. I can pull this off with my 3 adults, and now the pups are learning. The pups wiggle and struggle a bit, but with my body and arms, I can sufficiently hold them down enough to get the job done. Then we praise and pet until they are calm again, before I let them loose.


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