Loves water...but dangerous for kids
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Thread: Loves water...but dangerous for kids

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    DefaultLoves water...but dangerous for kids

    Hello Lab owners,
    For a long time, our puppy (8 months young) would not jump into our pool. I just couldn't get her to do it. She would bark excessively like she wanted to come in but wouldn't. Finally, she made the jump and has been jumping in ever since.

    The problem I have is that when she does jump in, she heads straight for someone and wants to crawl up on them. Obviously for adults it's annoying and hurts because those nails can scratch you pretty good but for kids it's scary because they will try to swim away from the dog and she will try to crawl on their back. Do any of you have suggestion on how you can curb the desire to climb up on people? Thanks.
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    DefaultRe: Loves water...but dangerous for kids

    No suggestions from experience, but you might try to put a floatation device (like a doggy life jacket) on her. She might just not feel entirely confident and the jacket can help her.

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    DefaultRe: Loves water...but dangerous for kids

    My boys are not allowed in the pool unless I give them permission to do so. And then, they are only allowed to chase a toy and then out. It's usually the dogs that come to visit that we have problems with doing what you are describing. I would prevent her from jumping in or getting into the pool until she pays attention and listens to you. You have to do this on your terms, otherwise, she will start jumping in when no one is around before long.
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    DefaultRe: Loves water...but dangerous for kids

    I agree with both suggestions above.

    For a broad variety with many price levels, see and search for dog life vests Some Labs, especially those with field line builds, don't have as much buoyancy as Labs with bench line builds, so your perception that she's trying to gain extra flotation through climbing onto swimmers could well be right.

    If that (life vest) doesn't solve it completely, follow Dani's advice. Dogs sometimes play too rough with kids on land so there's no reason some would not also do that in the water.
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