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    Hello All,

    I just received an email from my Agility trainer regarding starting my Riggs in Agility. I had enquired about it about a month ago and was waiting for a new class to start.

    By the time we start, Riggs will be 11 months old. I have heard that this is a bit too young to start, but the trainer says that its ok so long as he doesn't jump full height. What do you think? There is a 11 month old Doberman in Marlan's class who jumps a 22 although he is clearly a 26.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    There's no reason you can't start the class, as long as you are consistent about keeping the jump poles on the ground or at 6 inches for now. There's plenty of foundation work that a young dog can do, contact behaviour, working away from you, left and right turns, focus forward, etc.

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    I wouldn't jump a dog (not sure what breed Rigs is) any higher then the height of his hocks (back knees sort of) until I was quite sure he'd done growing

    also I'd avoid full weaves and full height aframe too until he was dine growing ... however I start my dogs in agility whenever they arrive- kaytris is right in that there is a TON of good foundation work you can do with young dogs

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