Lapse in Hosebreaking 8 months!
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Thread: Lapse in Hosebreaking 8 months!

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    DefaultLapse in Hosebreaking 8 months!

    Good morning! T is 8 months old today and has never......never pooped in the house until this morning.

    she had an accident in the house (urine) over the weekend which she hasn't done is quite a while, infact I considered her housebroken! This morning, we got up, she went outside and peed, came back in and pooped in the living room...

    What is up with this!!!

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    DefaultRe: Lapse in Hosebreaking 8 months!

    I would not worry about the occasional relapse. It could have been that she had a stomach upset. My dogs will NOT bark or whine to get let out at any time of the day or night, so if they do have a stomach upset (which thankfully isn't very often!) I won't know about it until the smell hits me in the morning.


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