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    Hello all!

    We had 2 labs. Nikita who is a black lab and is 9 years old. We also have Nikita's baby Bailey who is 2-1/2 years old. Recently Bailey has started chewing things up again. As a younger puppy she did chew things, but then grew out of it rather quickly. About 2 weeks ago she started chewing things up again. First, it was the electrical harness on the camper (yes, my husband was quite mad! :suspious, then it was the wooden fench my husband had put up, then it was one of my solar lights, and then it was another solar light. :no: Every time she gets scolded and put in the kennel overnight. On one instance I scolded her and put her in the kennel and then took Nikita for a walk. Bailey howled she was so upset. I thought for sure that would stop the chewing, but it didn't.

    Anyone out there know why she would start chewing things up again and/or what we can do to stop it.

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    DefaultRe: CHEWING

    Labs/dogs live in the moment..fine tell them off when they are in the act but kenneling them overnight in the hope its stopped them wont work. Its like sending a child to bed early...dogs and kids dont learn the same way.

    How often is the dog exercised? My lab hasnt chewed a thing but i exercise him alot and he has mental stimulation.

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    DefaultRe: CHEWING

    She's bored and clearly left outside unsupervised....both easy problems to fix


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