Louie is doing SO MUCH BETTER in almost every category. He quickly learned that screaming his lungs out would not help his case. He now cries for no more than 5 minutes when we put him in his crate, and sometimes not at all. He's also gotten really good about peeing outside and has only had accidents when I clearly wasn't paying enough attention. Biting is getting better too, although he's still pretty snippy when I put on or take off his leash. He has started pooping outside, but not with 100% success. He hasn't been pooping right after meals - sometimes it even takes a few hours. We moved his dinnertime up to 5:30 with the hopes that he would poop before our bedtime. He has, but not completely emptying his bowels. He's pooping in his crate every night sometime between 10PM and 1AM. He has also had some loose stool accidents during the day.

The good/bad news is that the vet just called to tell us that Louie has roundworm and coccidia. I've done a little research and it looks like both parasites could contribute to loose stool, so once he's treated things may get better. I'm a little annoyed, though. Do I have a right to be? I didn't adopt Louie - I bought him from a breeder. They took him to the vet on May 16th and he was treated with Pyrantel. My vet treated him again with something else (don't remember the name) because she said Pyrantel is the cheap stuff and many parasites are resistant. Is it unreasonable to expect a dog from a breeder to be parasite-free, or is it par for the course with puppies?