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    DefaultTwo Queastions

    Ok the first I already asked but I want some ideas on getting my puppy to stop jumping on everyone. He gets so excited he cant control himself. He loves everyone it is out of control. Labby said put him in his crate when he jumps, but i have two queastions on that. One is i was told not to use the crate to disipline him because it should be a place of comfort for him since he spends the time I am at work in his crate and he sleeps in there at night with the door open. The crate is in my bedroom. and what about when I am at the dog park that is when he is most out of control with the jumping thing. I can call him away from people but as soon as someone comes up to pet him he jumps all over them. The second queastion is I know labs have joint problems when they get older. What is to much excersise for my puppy. He loves to go running with me but i am afraid to take him more then a few blocks because I dont want to hurt him.

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    DefaultRe: Two Queastions

    A good obedience instructor can show you. 8)

    This looks good too:

    There are tons of resources out there.

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    DefaultRe: Two Queastions

    I have been informed that 5 minutes of good exercise per each month the puppy is old is sufficient. IE: your puppy is 5 months so he should get 25 minutes of fetch and walking per day. Running with him is something I wouldn't do until at least 1 year of age - especially if he is on lead when you are running with him. Our puppy is almost 6 mths old and we take her to the local oval with a soccer ball and kick the ball around which she chases off leash. It takes 10 mins to walk there and back and we do this for about 15 minutes as well as some fetch.

    As for the jumping, it is not an easy task unfortunately with some labs. When we have visitors in our home I tell Milly to run and get her teddy... for some reason with a toy in her mouth she is less inclined to jump. So now when visitors come over she furiously tries to hand out all her stuffed smelly toys to all my guests :whatever: I tell my guests, it's either accepting the gift or jumping up on you and they accept the toy with pleasure!

    Out on our walks however, we make Milly sit before anyone can pat her. If she tries to jump we ask them to stop touching her, make her sit again and then let her be pat again. If she is uncontrollable we unfortunately advise the strangers that due to her still being taught manners they can't pat her anymore and move away. She is slowly getting the correlation between sitting & pats from new humans. It's the only thing that is working with us, getting frustrated or angry with her does absolutely nada. And when she has been good for people and sat like told, after we've moved on I would treat her for being well-behaved. So she thinks "wow, I get treats AND pats when I sit.. i'm gonna do this again!"

    I have come to the conclusion that it is in my best interests and Milly's to always take her treat pouch on outings. Even if she gets no treats, I have them on hand just in case I need to get her attention or praise her properly for a job well done. Whether that be staying with me off lead, walking nicely or sitting for strangers etc.. etc..
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    DefaultRe: Two Queastions

    If you will tell folks to squeeze (not try to break, just squeeze) his front foot while he is jumping at them, you will be amazed how quickly he will quit. An OB instructor showed me that one. Dogs in general do not like having someone mess with their feet. And it is less stressful on a youngster than the "knee lift to the chest" technique.
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    DefaultRe: Two Queastions

    He is still so very young. No need for harsh or aversive tools or methods yet in training.

    The best way to get a dog to listen is not to tell it what not to do, but instead what TO do. To teach a dog not to jump on people, reinforce a “sit for petting.” Never pet a puppy or dog as it jumps on you. First, ask it to sit, then pet and praise. If it jumps on you, turn around and ignore it until it has four feet on the floor again. Ask it to sit and then give it a treat and praise. You may also just treat and praise whenever all four feet are on the ground if you do not wish to be so strict about the always sitting for petting. Standing can be fine too, so long as they don't jump!


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