post-vaccine snappiness?
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Thread: post-vaccine snappiness?

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    Leonidas got his other round of vaccines today. He was so well behaved at the vet but tonight he has been even snappier than usual, he even broke the skin a couple of times...the vet did say the vaccines could make him a bit sore for a day or too. Could his not feeling so hot make him bite more, even when playing? He isn't snarling or growling or whining, just uber-bitey...poor guy. :'(

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    DefaultRe: post-vaccine snappiness?

    Sorry to hear he's not feeling top-notch! I would have never known that Gauge got his shots if I hadn't seen the vet administer them myself. He didn't act sore at all. I'm sure that his reaction is normal, a lot like a humans when we're feeling under the weather!

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    DefaultRe: post-vaccine snappiness?

    Same with Milly as with Gauge - no real reaction from her either. But I have heard that some puppies get moody and cranky after shots... usually some alone time in a crate with a yummy kong can help keep his mind off it!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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