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    Defaultweird on the walk

    The past few walks that Sergeant has been on have revealed an ODD behavior. A lot of times, we walk past a small pond. When we are headed away from the house, he walks on my left side between the pond and me. However, our turnaround point is the end of the pond. When we turn and begin to head back home, he FREAKS out and refuses to walk, literally pulling against the leash. He is a little better if I walk between him and the pond but he pulls strongly toward the middle of the street. I have tried inducement with treats but once he gets one, he pulls back to the middle of the road (this is an entrance to the neighborhood and not a good place to be in the middle of the street). When this first started a few days ago, we would get almost all the way back past the pond toward home. Then his reaction occurred when we were at the middle. Today it was almost as soon as we turned around and was so bad, I allowed him to cross the street so we could walk on the side. However, once we got to that side, he was more interested in checking/sniffing it out.

    As far as I know, nothing jumped in/out of the pond when we were walking by, so I am not aware of anything that might have scared him. There are some frogs croaking, but it is fairly constant and when we are walking in both directions. They are at the back of the pond, farthest from the street where we are walking. I am not sure if it is fear of something in the pond area, or curiosity for the other side of the street. But I do not want him determining where we walk. The rest of the time when we are walking he does pretty well and does not seem to have any issues about where I want us to go.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    DefaultRe: weird on the walk

    How old is Sergeant?

    Dogs in the age range, say 5-10 months old, sometimes get some weird phobic-like reactions.

    I think you could do either of two things -- keep insisting he follow you back OR chose another happier path to him for the return. Or alternate. Any of those will take you through this phase.
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