first time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions
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Thread: first time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions

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    Defaultfirst time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions

    ok a little background first, i bought my lab (named him Lucky) when he was 5 months old..he comes from a good background and all...I have had him for a little over a week

    in that week i work with him 15-30 min a day (depending on the things i have going on that day)

    I pretty much got him to sit whenever he is actually paying attention to me, and i got him trained a little bit on stay...i can get to about 10 feet away before he wants to move...and of course, he retrieves his dummy like hes never going to see it again lol

    ok now for my questions..

    1) is he training fairly quick or slow?

    2) any tips on how i can get him to stay past 10 feet or so

    3) any tips or hints on how i can make him wait until I say go to get the dummy...right when i throw he takes off like a mad man after it

    4) any other tips are greatly appreciated since I have never trained a dog to duck hunt before

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    DefaultRe: first time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions

    another question that just popped into my head....i finally taught him not to go crazy on the leash when i am walking him...but now he has the habbit of wanting to walk infront of me instead of just staying on one side in heel matter what i am trying to do he wont stop...any tips?

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    DefaultRe: first time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions

    I will chime in on the question about the dog taking off after the dummy like mad after you throw it.

    You may need a sit/stay worked out beforehand, or I suppose you could tie him to a tree. I was watching some retriever hunting training videos on youtube and this guy was demonstrating his finished retriever...he'd walk with the dog out to his spot in the field...shoot at like 3-4 birds...and the dog would just sit there calmly.

    He said the trick to this was that he never let the dog retrieve the dummy more than 5-10% of the time. This guy would actually throw the dummy and retrieve it himself during training sessions. Occasionally he'd let the dog get it lol. Therefore letting the dog learn that he does not get to retrieve the dummy everytime it is thrown.

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    DefaultRe: first time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions

    I would recommend getting Evan Grahams "smart fetch" books to look into more details of duck hunting.

    You must remember that you have a puppy. You need to get the basics down before you go on to the advanced stuff. Sitting, laying down, coming, staying...all needs to be worked on before you really hit the retrieving stuff. And everything should be on leash....that way you can reinforce any command you issue. I would recommend getting to a group class to help you with those basics first.

    YOu have to make sure you keep trainings short and fun and leave them wanting more and always on a positive note. There's nothing worse than killing the drive on a dog when you get frustrated at them.
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    DefaultRe: first time dog (duck hunting) trainer...few questions

    What she said, Smartworks or Mike Lardy's stuff, and this: Join HRC (google "Hunting Retriever Club") and look for the closest club in your area. Join it, and start going to the training days, and hook up with a training group. Clubs are very welcoming of new members and can help you more than you can believe. Cost you $50 bucks total and will be the best money you have ever spent.

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