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    We got our third labby today. (Yes three under one roof, one six, one two, and one ten weeks)

    My problem isn't what kind of puppy toys to buy but how to keep Happy my six-year old from shredding them to pieces. He grabbed every single puppy toy and hogged them to himself. He chewed them all up. And now I'm picking up shredded pieces every five minutes that Sam (new puppy) finds them and starts chewing on them. >.>

    I managed to save the teething fish, but Happy is actively eyeing it every chance he gets, and if the puppy goes towards one of the toys on the ground Happy gets all "woof stay away from that toy it's mine boy!!"

    So how do I solve this problem. Sam needs his puppy teething friendly toys. Happy has PLENTY of chew toys. He's constantly chewing. He's just a chewer, he always has been. And when I say a chewer I mean he's shredded an entire wooden toilet plunger before. Lucky (our 2 year old) is more like a I'll chew on a pencil occasionaly kind of chewer or their nylabones. She'd rather play with a frisbee or a ball, but Happy's gotta chew!


    Here's a few pics of a chew rope he's been allowed to commandeer from the toy box without repremand from the other two.

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    Man, that's a toughy. I think it's always a game of "I want whatever my sister/brother has" :whatever: My two constantly go after whatever the other one has, even if they are the exact same thing! Does Happy have one or more toys that he really loves (maybe Nylabones or something)? If so, try to catch him in the act when he's got one of Sam's toys and replace it with one of his toys..? Not sure what else..!


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