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Thread: Barking!!!!!

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    Please help we have had Jazz for 3 weeks now and she is getting on well but she does bark alot and sometimes it is directed at you and often trys to nip u as wel. Its normaly when she wants attention or has had something taken off her what she can not have. She also barks when she needs to go outside so im getting confused and i think she is to. ??? We are starting our puppy classes soon so hopefully the training can help??!!! But thought might ask on ere for some advice.

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    DefaultRe: Barking!!!!!

    Sounds like Jazz has learnt that barking gets your attention! If it were me, I would ignore it. Make no eye contact and don't give into her, but praise her and give her attention when she doesn't make a fuss.

    But others on here will have some good advice too for you
    cheers, Sarah
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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