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    DefaultNew trainer dh found a new trainer...she works part time driving for a parts company he deals with. She trains police dogs and flies all over the place. She has given him tips on how to do the "come" recall and getting Blue out of the garbage can. We are going to have bbq at our house so she can meet Blue.

    She told us to use a pinch collar for walking for awhile until she learns the "heel" command better. I bought one and what a total difference walking Blue. She no longer pulls at all and she walks right beside me. I was very skeptical at first but I'm now glad I listened..I know most ppl don't like them but it has been worth it for us.

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    By pinch collar, are you refering to the prong collar? If so, that's what my trainer recommended as well. I can't believe how much of a difference it made! I still use them with the girls when I take them of walks, because they are still young (1yr) and go NUTS when they see people/birds.. still working on that


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