Training help with a very excited lab!
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Thread: Training help with a very excited lab!

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    What I need help with is how to get my 1 yr old lab to be a little more serious and calmer when doing training. She foucus on me but she's so excited and tail wagging and just thinks it's more of a game. Even doing simple heel work she is always more out in front and turning to watch me as we walk and her whole body is wiggling with happiness. Getting her to do sits and downs the same thing, she's this wiggly, happy lab so it's made it harder for her to really concentrate and be more serious. She is just happy all the time which I like but I want her to heel nicely next to me without being this tail waggling, body wiggling girl who constantly walks a little ahead of me and watching me intently instead of calmly next to me, so how do I get her calmer?? She is such a pleaser though! LOL My other two labs I can work with them and they are calmer about training and do it nicely without being so overly excited.

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    DefaultRe: Training help with a very excited lab!

    Sounds a lot like my Piper! Are you in an actual training class or training on your own? The training class helped me because Piper learned that the training space was for training and was a bit more focused. At home, I don't even attempt to train when she is extra-wiggly and excited. I wait until she is a bit calmer and grab those moments to work with her until she is solid on a command.

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    DefaultRe: Training help with a very excited lab!

    Sounds just like a typical lab. Honestly, I would not expect her to become a more serious worker for a few years. However, you can definitely harness the energy. She'll still be wiggly and excited, but performing even better. So its not exactly trying to get her calmer, just more precise in her behaviors right now. Reward for only the best responses to shape h er behaviors to near perfection.


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