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    DefaultTraining Progress??

    Hello All,

    It's been awhile since I have posted on here..I hope everyone is doing well. I apologize that my first time back in awile is for more advice, but I didn't know of anywhere else to go!!

    My wife thinks that Wrigley's obedience training level is not where it should be. Personally, I believe he is right on track, as he is still a puppy. Please let me know what you all think.

    Wrigley is 7 months old and he...

    1. Sits upon command no matter what..even if dogs are around

    2. He will stay. I put him in a sit stay and I can leave him in the living room and come back a twenty seconds or so later and he is in the same spot. When I do have him stay and I can throw a treat across the room and he wont break from his stay until I give the "get it" command. Also, when I put him in a stay, I can shout different words but he wont move until I say "come" or "get it"

    3. He will lay. Not as good as the stay. For some reason I have to use hand signals with this one but he gets it after the second command...first one if I have a treat

    4. He will come to me upon command when I have a treat or we are in training mode. I do take him to a fenced play area and he still hasn't mastered this one yet, but after reading the post below mine, it sounds like this might take awhile?

    5. Whenever we go on walks and we cross the street, I will pause and he will immediately sit.

    Now for things he doesn't do well...yet 8)

    1. He will get in a funky mood sometimes and start darting around the house. He will try and find something that he knows he is not supposed to have and will pick it up and run from us.

    2. He hasn't done this one in awhile (knock on wood) but he used to jump on the couch. As soon as I say off he would get off but I have really been trying to avoid it all together. I usually give him a command for something else and reward him..hopefully that has worked (thanks for that advice)

    3. He barks quit a bit when he is in the backyard. We are surrounded by dogs..who love to bark..and so does Wrigley. If I hear him barking, I will usually bring him in and ignore him..which he hates. Now it's almost to the point where I can go to the window and look at him and he will stop..I will go outside a few minutes later and if hasnt barked since that point, I play with him and tell him good no bark.

    Is he on track or behind the game???

    Well, sorry, I didnt think this was going to be soooo long. I will take any advice anyone has to give. Wrigley is such a great dog and it's because of everyone on here has helped me so much..I can't say it enough..THANKS.

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    DefaultRe: Training Progress??

    I think it sounds like he is doing great! Does he go to obidience classes? They are great for bringing him on!

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    DefaultRe: Training Progress??

    I think it sounds like he's doing great! Keep up the good work.
    As for the things he doesn't do well
    1. He just wants attention try your best to keep things he shouldn't have put up and if possible ignore him if he grabs something he shouldn't. If you chase him he will only do it more because he thinks it's a fun game.
    2. I think your doing the right thing redirect him when you think he's getting ready to jump up there.
    3. Barking is a normal reaction as long as it's not excessive it sounds like you have it under control they are all going to bark some.


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