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    This past week I changed Parker from Pro Plan Large Breed puppy food to Pro Plan Large Breed adult Lamb and Rice. He is having a little bit of the runs, is that normal. I was going to change it a little at a time, but my daughter feeds him every day and I forget to tell her. Will this go back to normal on its own or should I add something to firm up the poop. Did I once hear that pumpkin works well for this. Thanks.

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    Suddenly switching foods can upset a dogs stomach. The best thing to do would be to slowly mix the new and old food together. First just a little new food, then progressivly giving more new food until it is all new food after about a week.

    Canned pumpkin can help harden stools if you want to go that route. Just make sure you don't buy pie filling. You want 100% pumpkin


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